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Lynk Auto Agent 3

Lynk Auto Agent 3

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EZ LYNK puts your technician in the front seat whenever and wherever you choose and is the vehicle interface for all EZ LYNK apps. Who is it for? - Vehicle Owners - From 18 Wheelers to Powersports and everything in between. - OS Device - Connect via Wi - Fi Diagnostic Scan Tool and More: A Connected OBD Scan Tool for You and your Vehicles Technician - Lynk with your Technician - View and Record Vehicle Data Parameters in Real Time - Share Recorded Data Logs with your Technician - Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) - Perform Technician Recommended Vehicle Functions - Install Vehicle Firmware Updates provided by your Technician, Over-the-Air - Chat with your connected Technician, within the Auto Agent Mobile App Electronic Logging Device*: Track and Manage Commercial Driving Logs with ELD, IFTA & Vehicle Inspection Report Functions - FMCSA Compliant - EZ LYNKs Electronic Logging Device is compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. - Driver Logs - Drivers conveniently document driving using the EZ LYNK ELD App. Documents are available to Drivers and Fleet Managers and can be organized by Driver and even Daily Logs. - Chat - Fleet Managers can conveniently chat in app with drivers. - Download the EZ LYNK ELD Mobile App Today! - OS 12.0 or Later - i - Pad - i - Phone - i - Pod touch Additional Accessories to expand the Auto Agent 3 Connection and Convenience: - Class 8, Medium and Heavy Duty (Semi) vehicles - Auto Agent 3 HD Cables (6 & 9 Pin Round) - ATV, UTV, Snowmobile & Watercraft applications - Auto Agent 3 Powersports Cables and Power-Up Adapters - EZ LYNK Phone Window or Dash Mount - The phone mount that sticks! *EZ LYNK ELD system requires a monthly subscription

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