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Lzr Pure Intent Openback Kneeskin, Size 24, Green/Blue

Lzr Pure Intent Openback Kneeskin, Size 24, Green/Blue

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Fastskin is a label for products that are designed for the best hydrodynamics in water. It s a swimming equipment designed for racing and performance swimmers to reach the most optimal performance. In the Fastskin range you will find complete equipment. The main ones are, of course, swimwear, goggles and caps that are homologated by FINA, but you can also find training equipment like kickboards, hand paddles and fins. The main success of these technologies is that carried out a 3D scan of elite swimmers and, through computer simulation, then conducted research and calculations on the resistance and durability of materials. Swimwear provides an advanced level of compression that ensures maximum support fo body and its stability. The glued seams will ensure the reduced friction that are involved in increasing your speed. It also ensures perfect body alignment and freedom of movement. This type of swimsuit is with pants. The benefit of these panties is that it fits perfectly and adapts to your body. These swimsuits have an open back that ensures maximum freedom of movement. Approved and certified by the International Swimming Federation FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation). It meets all international standards and allows start at prestigious races.

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