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M-101526-F31 503 Series 1.6 Gpf Replacement System

M-101526-F31 503 Series 1.6 Gpf Replacement System

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Keep your toilet operating correctly with the help of this 503 Series 1.6 GPF replacement system. This system features a superior 1.6 GPF drain carry system that helps save water. Instead of using gravity, this unit uses pressure to generate a powerful flushing action that consumes up to 20% less water than traditional toilets. The pressure helps push waste up to 33% further than what the American National Standards Institute recommends, so you can be sure your toilet will remain clean and free of debris. This system reduces the need for double flushing, thanks to the 70 GPM pressure-assisted technology. This unit creates a 50% larger water surface area in your toilet, helping to minimize odors that result from waste on the dry toilet surface. Designed with versatility in mind, this system is ideal for use in hotels, schools, commercial buildings, and homes, and it is suitable for one- and two-piece toilets. This system replaces M-101526-F3 1.6 GPF 503 Series models, and it is easy to install, so you can keep your toilet operating at its best. Coming with a tank-to-toilet tank gasket, a tank-to-toilet tank locknut, a tank-to-bowl gasket, and a lower supply locknut, this unit has everything you need to install it in your toilet. It is constructed with an enhanced vessel structure while maintaining the size of previous models, making this unit suitable for long-term use. This upgraded system extracts up to 25% more waste than previous models. This system prevents toilet sweating, helping the surrounding area to remain safe and dry. This system is rated for 20 PSI operating pressure. Kit Includes: - 503 Series replacement system - Tank to toilet tank gasket - Tank to toilet tank locknut - Tank to bowl gasket - Lower supply locknut M-101526-F31 From LLC.

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