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M - 20400 - Torque Converter Tork Master 2000

M - 20400 - Torque Converter Tork Master 2000

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Upgrading to a Tork Master torque converter with a higher stall speed can give you better acceleration from a dead stop. It allows the engine to launch the car at a higher RPM, where more torque and power are available. This can be especially important if other modifications (like larger cams) have reduced your low end power and torque. The Tork Master 2000 has a stall speed of 1900-2100 RPM (based on an engine producing 230 lb. ft. of torque at 2500 RPM), so it is best suited for mild performance applications, such as vehicles with minor engine modifications that don t produce more than 350 horsepower. It has been rebuilt with a new precision alloy steel pump drive tube, and it is pressure tested and fully balanced Please Note: High stall torque converters can build extra heat, so supplementary transmission cooling is recommended to avoid premature transmission failure. This converter should not be used with a transbrake, and it requires a small (10-3/4) bolt circle flexplate or dual pattern flexplate.

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