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M-31530 Heavy Duty Floor Mats

M-31530 Heavy Duty Floor Mats

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. These contoured floor mats are laser-measured for each unique make and model. Created from an environmentally friendly low density polyethylene that looks and feels like rubber but is much more durable and flexible in all weather conditions. An aggressive textured face provides great traction and style. Their unique Spill Saver Lip keeps any and all messes contained on the mat, saving your carpeting. Where applicable, mats will work with your factory retention system. Incredibly easy to clean! Simply lift out of your ride and hose down. These heavy duty mats are sold by rows of seats, with bundles being available for certain models to outfit your entire cabin. That. Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are these floor mats made from? These Mats are made from an OE quality low density polyethylene.Do these mats smell like rubber? No! Thanks to their polyethylene construction, these mats are virtually odorless. They are also environmentally friendly compared to traditional rubber mats. What keeps these mats in place? These Mats are designed to fit snugly in your floorboards. Many applications also work with your vehicle-2022 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Floor Mats

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