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M11 Plus Music Player Mp3/Mp4 High Resolution Audio Player (Ess)

M11 Plus Music Player Mp3/Mp4 High Resolution Audio Player (Ess)

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A grand finale of high-end chips The M11 Plus LTD is equipped with 2 of the now out-of-production AK4497EQ DAC chips with their unique, soft, and natural charm that will allow you to rediscover your music all over again. Legendary octa-core Snapdragon 660 Smooth In the M11 Plus LTD is a Snapdragon 660 with a 4 big / 4 small core architecture plenty capable of providing a smartphone- like smooth experience. Not only can the chip capably handle tasks like watching videos and playing games, it can also ensure ultra-low power consumption when only listening to music for better battery life. Immersive live concert listening experience Neutrally pure amp architecture Thanks to the feed-forward error correction technology and neutral design, the THX AAA-78 amps of the THX AAA Frontier series will let you experience every last sound and detail faithfully restored and placed in the soundstage, as if you were in the recording studio. New anti-interference circuit design The M11 Plus LTD Adopts a totally new internal layout and a patented modular circuit design. Each module of the circuit has its own shielding cover, which also means that the digital and analogue portions are totally separated. This ensures that these parts do not interfere with each other and ultimately results in purer sound.

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