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M150 Monster Hang On Treestand

M150 Monster Hang On Treestand

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Designed with everything you could want in a lightweight portable lock-on stand the M150 Monster is ideal for the hunter on the move. Similar to the M100 the M150 Monster features V-Brace Technology to minimize weight without compromising strength and stability. But unlike it s predecessor the M150 Monster is designed with an adjustable seat height of 17to 20and 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment. The M150 Monster boasts a capacity of 300 lbs weighs 19.5 lbs and has a large and roomy platform measuring 37x 24. The Interlock Leveling System allows for the seat and platform to be leveled making the terestand more comfortable and reliable when setting up in tricky areas or against leaning tree. Thanks to the folding ComfortMAX Seat the hunter can stand up and fold the seat against the tree providing ample space on the large platform for the perfect shot opportunity.

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