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M29 Element Series Micro Led Projector

M29 Element Series Micro Led Projector

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Ultra Portable Micro Projector From movies to gaming to presentations, the M29 Micro Projector is a pocket-sized projector that delivers vivid images as large as 50 inches. Bring it with you wherever you go and easily connect it to your mobile device, tablets, and streaming sticks for on-the-go entertainment. Featuring Texas Instruments DLP technology, the M29 is the perfect way to view your favorite content on a big screen whenever you want! Surround Sound Experience The M29 Micro Projector features an internal 1W speaker for amazing built-in sound, or connect with your own speakers and headphones for an even bigger surround sound experience. When charged, the M29 also works as a battery backup for your mobile device and source for powering your streaming stick. Compact and portable, the M29 will quickly become a best friend to all your devices! Vibrant Images Featuring Texas Instruments DLP technology for bright, vibrant images, the M29 provides 640 x 360p native resolution ideal for small groups in dark spaces. Reliable LED Lamp The M29s LED lamp provides up to 20,000 hours of projection time with no bulbs to change. Compact Weighing less than 10 oz, the M29 easily slips into your bag, briefcase, or pocket, proving that big things really do come in small packages. 2 Hours of Battery Life The M29s built-in, rechargeable battery provides up to 2 hours of uninterrupted viewing time for entertainment wherever you go! Big Screen in a Small Space In an instant, the M29 creates up to a 50 inch screen wherever you go. Instead of settling for your favorite content on your smartphone or laptop screen, go big and enjoy immersive, cinematic viewing anywhere, anytime. HDMI Input and USB Charging The M29 HD Pro Projectors HDMI port connects easily to any high-definition source. The USB-A port allows you to use the projector as a battery backup for your mobile devices and to power your streaming sticks as well. Requires Apple Digital AV adapter when used with Apple products.

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