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M3 Mictrak Shotgun Stereo Microphone & Recorder

M3 Mictrak Shotgun Stereo Microphone & Recorder

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Lightweight and ideal for journalism, audio for video, and documentary applications, the M3 MicTrak from is a 4-channel, camera-mounted, combination shotgun microphone and recorder, with two internal shotgun mics that can switch between hyper-focused supercardioid (90°) or wider bidirectional (180°) modes at the press of a button. Thanks to dual AD converter circuits inherited from the pro F-Series recorders, no gain adjustment is necessary, and the M3 captures quality audio in 48 kHz / 32-bit floating point for crisp sound without clipping. The M3 sports a 3.5mm headphone output for real-time monitoring and a 3.5mm stereo line out for sending your audio directly to an external recorder, such as a camera audio input or a secondary field recorder. The M3 is fully compatible with microSD cards for onboard recording, minimizing the amount of equipment you need with you on shoots, and can run on two AA batteries, USB-C bus power, or an optional AD-17 AC adapter (sold separately).

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