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M306 Poly Blue Octave

M306 Poly Blue Octave

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The M306 Poly Blue Octave Pedal is a colossal box of tone. There s a staggering array of effects to explore in a single pedal that ll keep you experimenting all night. With no less than four separate octave divisions available you can send your tone plummeting down the registers for some unctuous bass or soar up through the pitches to reach dizzying high notes. Combine all those octaves together or separately and mix in the fuzz, mono, dry/wet and expression pedal options and you have an almost unlimited palette of sonic creation. Whatever sound is in your head, you can bring it to life it on the Poly Blue. It simply can t be overstated just how versatile and varied this delightful stomp box is. Offering dual-mode modulation, your effects are boosted with phaser like momentum, be that a thick, undulating slow swirls or a frenzied, frantic dash. Set into the polyphonic mode you have access to textures resembling the famous rotary Leslie effect, while the monophonic switch evokes the swooshes and dips of s celebrated Phase 90 pedal. And for those times you don t want to draw on the considerable power of the M306, it s default off bypass mode will ensure your signal is unaffected no matter where you place this on your pedalboard.

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