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M424g Vhf Radio W-Built-In Gps - White

M424g Vhf Radio W-Built-In Gps - White

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Fixed Mount VHF Radio with an Internal GPS Receiver s M424-G is a top choice VHF radio that does not need to interface with an external GPS to send DSC information because of its built-in GPS. If ever the need arises to send an emergency SOS while on the water the M424G VHF radio can do it and send your position data based on the internal GPS of the radio. The DSC watch function of the M424 G monitors channel 70 even while you are receiving on another channel. It is not necessary using the M424 G to connect to it via NMEA 0183 your chartplotter/GPS for the radio to receive your position data. This feature alone makes installation a whole lot easier, just connect the M424G to power and ground - attach a VHF antenna and you are done. The 10W audio output from the M424G will be loud enough to be heard by people on the vessel and also other boats that may not see you in a fog bank. Active Noise Cancelling reduces outside noise when you receive a call by up to 90 percent and by 30 percent when you are transmitting, allowing for transmissions that can be clearly understood while also allowing you to more easily understand incoming communications. The user interface of the M424G incorporates a rotary selector and directional keypad to provide quick and easy access to the intended functions, which is common in s marine family interface. If you dont have GPS on your boat but want the safety and security that Digital Selective Calling can offer you, then you may want to consider a VHF radio that has an internal GPS, there are a number of these VHF radios to consider but the M424G will be at the top of anyones list.

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