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M47 Phoenix Coffee Grinder

M47 Phoenix Coffee Grinder

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After a fire hit the Kinu factory in 2018, the company created a new coffee grinder — the M47 Phoenix, which rose from the ashes. The M47 Phoenix is a high-end single dose manual coffee grinder that never compromises taste or aroma. It s affordable and packed full of features, so you can brew the perfect cup of Joe every single time. It s as simple as that. ; Why You Need the Kinu M47 Phoenix in Your Life High-end single dose manual grinder. Silicone ring for easy handling. Micrometrical, step-less reproducible grinding adjustment with up to 50 divisions per revolution. 40-50g capacity. 47 mm conical stainless steel burrs with Black Fusion treatment (inner cone burr measures 31.6mm outer ring burr measures 47 mm). Lightest Model Yet The Phoenix is even lighter than the M47 - Classic because it incorporates ABS plastic parts, instead of heavier steel. Improved Capacity The Phoenix has a capacity of 40-50 grams, which makes it great for brewing almost any dose of coffee. Try it for espresso, and you ll notice the improved flavor, taste, and aroma immediately. Alternatively, experiment with brewed blends and find your perfect cup of Joe. Rise like a phoenix when you add this coffee hand grinder to your kitchen essentials!

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