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M48 48v Phantom Power Supply

M48 48v Phantom Power Supply

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Power Your Performance Quite a bit of gear relies on Phantom Power to work these days and the number is always growing. When you need a reliable power source, the M48 Phantom Power Supply is just the tool for the job. Plug In Power Your Gear Perfect for all of your gear that requires Phantom Power like condenser mics. Reliable Get All the Voltage Some 48V Phantom Powersupplies don t quite give you the full voltage you need. The M48 always delivers 48 Volts of clean power. Simple No Nonsense With a single XLR input and XLR output, get connected quickly. Flexible Power From the Wall or 9V Battery Choose AC adapter power or a battery for maximum flexibility especially when working on location. Indicators Stay Informed No guessing if it s working or how the battery life is doing. Dual LEDs let you know if it s on and if the battery is low. Rugged Built-like-a-tank Made from heavy gauge steel, the M48 is built to last and withstand years of punishment.

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