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M5 3d Printer

M5 3d Printer

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Explore the 3D Printing Frontier Ease of use, speeds, and precision enables the creator in you to bring your imagination to life through 3 dimensional objects. Meet the AnkerMake M5, the 3D Printer designed for the creator in everyone.Easy to assemble and use, the M5 can have you printing within 15 minutes. Just unbox, assemble, insert filament. The 8GB memory stores pre-loaded objects to let you experiment right away. Easily control your prints via the integrated touchscreen or mobile devices such as your phone or laptop. Spend time designing not printing. With 5X faster print times (250mm/s) than competitive models, the M5 allows you to create more objects in less time. Great for making decorative or collectable items to missing parts. The Integrated camera with AI recognition ensures your print stays on track and notifies you of any errors. Additionally, auto-leveling will ensure consistent prints for each object you print.

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