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M510 Vhf Radio Wireless Smart Device Operation Black

M510 Vhf Radio Wireless Smart Device Operation Black

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M510 VHF with Wireless Smart Device Operation - Black s Class D DSC fixed mount VHF marine transceiver, the M510 is a tech-laden powerhouse available with or without AIS receive capability. The M510 is nearly half the depth of the M506, allowing installation in more confined spaces. The large color display has a simple user interface allowing casual and serious boaters alike with plenty of options to communicate. Additionally, command and control using iOS and Android smart devices with class-leading features such as wireless calling. Large Color Display The M510 includes a full color 3.5TFT LCD screen with nearly 180-degree viewing angles. The standard marine user interface is enhanced with animated functions and night mode for optimal viewing in the dark. Command & Control The RS-M500 app allows you to connect three iOS or Android smart devices to function as a wireless command speaker/microphone. Use the push-to-talk features, scroll/scan channels, as well as use the M510s intercom function from the comfort of the captains seat. Additionally, one COMMANDMIC can connect while 3 other smart devices are linked. CT-M500 Wireless Interface with NMEA 2000 Connect to NMEA 2000 with the optional CT-M500 wireless interface box. If the NMEA connection is on a different part of the boat, the CT-M500 can wirelessly connect with the M510, providing flexibility on placement. Additionally, with the optional SP-37 horn speaker, the CT-M500 can access the two-way hailer/PA functions.

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