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M528 Engine Oil Pump

M528 Engine Oil Pump

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oil pumps provide dependable performance every time in every application. Every pump is engineered, manufactured and assembled to the highest material and production standards. Manufacturing processes include state of the art CNC machines and the latest phosphate coating processes. oil pumps are manufactured from high quality materials in either cast iron or cast aluminum as specified by the OEM engine manufacturer. Internal pump parts are produced from sintered metal or steel. Gears are machined to close tolerances to ensure proper engine pressure and correct, efficient pump operation. End plates are precision ground for maximum ware resistance. Depending on application and design, pumps may use gear, impeller or the latest Croton technology. When completed every oil pump is individually tested for pressure and flow under conditions designed to duplicate actual engine operating conditions. In addition to OEM pump applications, select pumps are offered for increased oil flow, increased oil pressure, anti-cavitation capability, lighter pump weight and performance when needed. Depending on your oil pump requirements select pumps are offered in cast iron, cast aluminum or aluminum billet materials. Each select pump performance level offers a step up in material selection, engineering advantages and increased durability. All select pumps are designed to provide the highest level of quality and performance with a reasonable level of investment.

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