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M5300-Pm Power Conditioner

M5300-Pm Power Conditioner

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M5300-PM Clean Power Level 4 Improves picture and sound quality by eliminating noise across the entire AC bandwidth. 40% more efficient at eliminating noise than Clean Power Level 3. AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) Protects equipment against prolonged over/under voltages by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it when safe power returns. High Current Outlets 2 outlets for equipment with high power demands (Amps/Subwoofers). USB Charger Convenience charger for mp3 players, cell phones, and other small electronics. Gaming LAN Port Easy access to LAN port on front panel. Perfect for online gaming. 5 Isolated Outlet Banks Isolating outlet banks from one another prevents noise contamination between components. 12 Volt Trigger Allows source equipment to activate or deactivate the switched outlets on the M5300-PM. Power Sequencing Guards against blown fuses and potentially damaging speaker thump by automatically powering outlets on and off in sequence. 11 Outlets 5 Always On, 4 Switched, 2 Switched High Current.

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