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M6 Usb-C Audio Interface

M6 Usb-C Audio Interface

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The M6 6-Channel Audio Interface is compromised of a premium-grade interface and an extensive software bundle, that provides all the tools you need to achieve the sound you want. From simple vocal recording to mixing multiple sound sources, the M6 is equipped with the finest components to deliver the utmost sonic accuracy. At the front of the M6 s sleek all-black interface lies four combi-jack inputs. Incredibly versatile, these allow you to record signals from both microphones and line-level sources such as synths, guitars, keyboards and basses. Thanks to the inclusion of state-of-the-art ESS digital-to-analog converters you ll be provided with a level of quality that is normally only found within high-end interfaces. They ll be nothing stopping you from recording in real time thanks to the M6 s ultra-low-latency monitoring. This allows you to perform whilst hearing yourself, without being put off by undesirable delays. The inclusion of a detailed LCD screen provides accurate at-a-glance metering at all times. Best of all, the M6 is bus-powered so can be used on iOS systems without the need for installing drivers.

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