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M/T 08 Mud Tire - Lt235/75r15 104/101q C (6 Ply)

M/T 08 Mud Tire - Lt235/75r15 104/101q C (6 Ply)

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M/T 08 Features AND BENEFITS All weather traction Self-cleaning tread Precise controllability Enhanced mud traction OVERVIEW The M/T 08 is an all season mud terrain tire manufactured for light truck vehicles. The tire offers excellent all weather traction with the special tread design. This design improves the tire s grip in all weather conditions, including in dry, wet and winter conditions. The self-cleaning tread pattern eliminates mud and snow stuck between the tread blocks thanks to the open tread design with the shoulder groove ridges. As the tire s tread is always clean, the traction is constantly maintained, providing a better road grip. The wide tread grooves also help resist hydroplaning by channeling water away from the tire s footprint. The tire is safer to use in all weather conditions because of this. The center rib in the tread pattern enhances the tire s steering responsiveness and its highway stability. The tire s responsiveness boosts its handling and controllability. The accuracy and swiftness of the steering makes the tire safer to use both on- and off-road. The on-road stability is due to the center rib of the tread, but it is also improved with the tire s internal structure. The steering responsiveness and the driving stability combined make a versatile tire, as it becomes easy to drive in all conditions. The center rib in the tread pattern of the M/T 08 also provides the tire with enhanced mud traction. The extra traction on those surfaces make the tire more versatile, and allow it to conquer all loose and soft road surfaces. The intended purpose of Mud Terrain tire types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving.

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