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M/T 08 Plus Lt 235/75r15 104/101q C 6 Ply Mt Mud Terrain Tire

M/T 08 Plus Lt 235/75r15 104/101q C 6 Ply Mt Mud Terrain Tire

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Features and Benefits All weather traction, Enhanced controllability, Mud terrain traction M/T 08 Plus Tires The M/T 08 Plus is a mud terrain, all season tire made for light trucks. The tire increases the all weather traction. The durable compound elements and the stabilized tread elements enhance the dry, wet and winter weather traction throughout the performance. In this manner, the tire is able to upgrade the grip on the driving surface with the use of extra biting edges. The compound keeps the rubber flexibility in versatile terrain surface conditions. This combination guarantees the tire s secure year round performance. The tread elements and the stronger construction work together to maintain the surface contact while the tires are in motion. The better terrain contact enables the tire to boost the steering responsiveness and the driving stability throughout the tire s performance. In other words, the tire is quicker and more precise in its response to the driver s commands, while the structure is secured against the driving pressure affecting the tire during the drive. This increases the driver s control over the vehicle at all times, promoting higher driving safety levels. The M/T 08 Plus enhances the mud terrain grip thanks to the tread design. The aggressive tread pattern with the high void ratio and the staggered tread block pattern upgrades the soft, loose and uneven terrain traction. These tread elements upgrade the grip on the versatile terrain surface, optimizing the tires forward motion through deeper mud and on loose terrains. The tread manages to keep the footprint clean. It disperses water and slush from the footprint, preventing them from blocking the surface contact. The tire also actively avoids damage by resisting stone retention with the better stone ejecting capability. The intended purpose of Mud Terrain tire types is off-road use. They are not designed for regular highway driving.

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