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M.U.L.E. Pro 14 100oz Hydration Pack Agave Green/Black

M.U.L.E. Pro 14 100oz Hydration Pack Agave Green/Black

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Stay hydrated! Do you like walking, hiking and cycling? Then you probably also know how difficult it is sometimes to take enough drinks with you during your trip. With this hydration pack, that is no longer a problem! This backpack has a 2.9 liter water tank, enough for long cycling and hiking trips. You can even drink water without stopping through a hose. This way you stay well hydrated on the go! Handy for cyclistsThe hydration pack also has a number of useful functions especially for cyclists. For example, the backpack is equipped with an extra compartment so that you can take a second e-bike battery with you. You can also attach your bicycle helmet to the bag for when you are not on the bike. In addition, the bag is made of light and breathable materials so that you are hindered as little as possible while cycling!

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